Since 1998 TrainersDirect has built a reputation as a committed partner for the development and delivery of world-class management education and business consulting, improving the performance of thousands of individuals and organizations throughout the world.

An On-site Training Process That’s Proven Successful!

To best meet your specific goals, and to ensure that the classroom experience successfully transfers to the job, TrainersDirect will work with you to gather information critical to your learning success. While we do make standard outlines of our programs available on our website, these should be viewed as a template of what can be covered. We know that each need is different and will work with you to tailor the content at no additional cost. If you have a development need that you cannot find a match for on our website please let us know and we will do our best to assist you.
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We are experts in evaluating our clients immediate challenges and their desired outcomes. We “get it!” We know that it is not only necessary to understand the scope of work, we must also understand the culture and the human element. We take great pride in this ability, so much so that we guarantee your participants satisfaction.

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