working on basics of project management

Problem Solving and Decision-Making

In a very real way the solutions and decisions we make are a reflection of who we are. It stands to reason then that by being intentional about how we approach the solutions we derive and the decisions we make, we can impact who we become and what we can achieve.</p?

Orienting ourselves to problem solving and decision making begins by accepting four truths:

  • Effective solutions and decisions are a product of how well we develop our cognitive, emotional and relational intelligences
  • Effectiveness improves by applying a structured process
  • Effectiveness improves by collaboration with other stakeholders</lI
  • Effectiveness of solutions and decisions can only be judged when they are implemented

This seminar is designed to increase an individual’s ability to:

  • Analyze the situation, process the available information and turn the data into an action plan
  • Create new options or directions when not a subject expert or when run out of ideas
  • Learn a surefire approach to decision making that overcomes analysis paralysis, lets you explain to others why the current path was selected and gets decision implemented
  • Develop self confidence