working on basics of project management

Introduction to Project management: The Basics for Success

This seminar provides an introduction to Project Management and the core concepts and best practices used in this discipline. It is designed to be an introductory course in project management, and not a comprehensive treatment of the subject. In the course, core project management “best practices” will be introduced, and put into context through various exercises and scenarios and case studies.

The course is designed as a practical workshop, and learning by doing is a key component. As such, class participants will be asked to work on sample “projects” and be assigned deliverables to produce within a specified time frame. The focus of these exercises is in the tools and processes followed to produce the output – not the actual output itself. After each exercise, a review will be conducted offering comments and suggestions for improvement.
Previous project management experience is not necessary to benefit from this course.

What we will cover

  • Look at fundamental project management concepts
  • Discover how to define project success criteria
  • Learn how to define project scope
  • Discover how to build a project schedule
  • Learn how to manage risk on a project
  • Learn how to plan and manage communication on a project