Breakthrough Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a process in which two or more parties, who have both common and conflicting interests, work together to explore and develop solutions that may result in an agreement between them. There are negotiations that result in good agreements, and those that result in poor agreements, as well as negotiations that do not result in agreements at all. A good agreement is one in which the primary underlying interests of all parties are met in a way that creates benefits for all involved and improves the relationship between the parties. In a good negotiation both parties will leave the negotiation with no residual negative feelings.

Though most people feel they are inexperienced negotiators until they start negotiating on behalf of an organization, team or department, in fact, we are all experienced negotiators having started practicing at about the age of two! Whether or not we are effective negotiators is entirely another matter.

What we will cover:

  • Basic Negotiating
  • Negotiating Styles
  • The Big Game
    • Playing the Game
    • Style and substance
    • Weapons and Tactics
  • Closing the Deal
  • Course Wrap-up