Windward & Leeward Brewery:“The topic was negotiation. In practice the sessions turned into much more and included elements of personal and business coaching, observation and motivational speaking.

The response from the group was unanimously positive. A lot of ground was covered and a lot digested and learnt. The trainers technique is to entertain as he teaches and when done well there is surely no better way of getting the message not just across but remembered.

Within the content there was a wonderful lack of awful modern day business jargon. The style is immediately engaging, highly energetic and rooted in pure, positive, can do, will do attitude, filled with bags of common sense and peppered with a great sense of humor. Not bad attributes for today’s world. All in all a totally worthwhile exercise.”

Pepsi Bottling Group”:“What drew us to TrainersDirect was the quality of their people along with their no-nonsense approach to training our personnel”. “We are very, very pleased with how the trainers have stepped into their roles. I feel that they have done exactly what we expected and anticipated they would do.”

AIM Funds:”Best training class I have ever attended in my professional career. The excellence of the course was in large part due to the instructor’s knowledge and professionalism. In addition, the instructor presented the class in an entertaining manner which helped with some of the dryer areas of the curriculum. Great Job! His experience in Project Management is incredible. I will recommend this course to all my peers.”

AIM Management, Inc.:“The information and exercises increased my knowledge and skill level to improve my project management skills and awareness on how and why decisions are made or not made in dealing with projects.”

Mass Financial Services:”Just a quick note of appreciation to let you know how much I enjoyed your seminar earlier this week. Although I’ve been involved in project management for a while (it’s my primary job), I have never received any formal training, and I found your lectures and exercises extremely useful in terms of adding structure to existing processes. (I spent yesterday putting together Project Control Books for the three projects I am currently leading)!”

Clinical One: “He is such an intelligent man that it keeps your interest level so high because you don’t want to miss a word of what he says…All of the reading materials were concise and enjoyable to read. They were a nice compliment to what was covered in the class… I truly feel that the three-days spent in this seminar will give me many years of using better techniques in and out of the workplace. The topics that were covered can be used in many situations in life.”

Interactive Data Corporation: “Very great! Rewarding. The trainer was very patient and provided lots of examples and suggestions. I learned many useful phrases to use/replace current language that may not serve me during negotiations.”

Select Appointments North America”class: “The trainer was extremely articulate and communicated thoroughly each idea/concept/skill. I was especially honored to have been asked to attend a course of this exceptional quality.”

New Boston Select Group“The trainer was very motivational and an inspiration. He was very approachable and knowledgeable in his expertise/field. I feel that all levels, of any office, would benefit from this training.”

“I think that the lecture was great…. The session was conducted with respect.” – NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene

“Excellent pace. Not one dull moment. Presentation riveting.” – NYNEX

“Had the entire audience spellbound!” – Pfizer

“Excellent all the way through. Thanks for your sincerity and energetic training.” – CMP Publication, Unisys Corp

“Your presentation allowed me to focus on all important aspects of my time.” – New York City Board of Education

“I can’t imagine a more delightful and knowledgeable individual to have taught our seminar! If we only could bottle her! Classmate feedback was incredible.” – Voce Corn Systems Inc.

“This has been the best seminar I have ever attended.” – Global Financial Press

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