About Us

Since 1998 TrainersDirect has built a reputation as a committed partner for the development and delivery of world-class management education and business consulting that has improved performance for thousands of individuals and organizations throughout the world.

Nothing is as important to us as our hands-on approach to training adults and each of our seminars are designed to ensure that participants are engaged in real life situations that will aid them in transferring classroom knowledge to real-world application. 

TrainersDirect is committed to maintaining the highest standard of quality in our course content. Workshops focusing on soft skills are in a constant state of evaluation. These courses are benchmarked against best practices espoused by leading edge organizations. Process or program focused workshops, such as Project Management, are designed around industry-guided practices and are updated regularly. 

As we work together, our focus will be to ensure that training that is strategic, practical, and integrated is the foundation of our partnership. TrainersDirect understands that our role is to support the cultural and operational changes/challenges that are critical to your success.

The Trainers Directory Advantage:

Flexibility — Our on-site seminars cover all aspects of management: Project Management, Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Administrative, Human Resources, General Management, etc.

Expertise — More than any other factor, this is what shapes our success.  We take great pride in our collective intellect, our experience, depth of knowledge and creativity.  Our practitioners have mastered the principles of adult learning, and we make it our business to remain on the cutting edge of training methodologies and formats.

Quality — We incorporate a variety of methodologies and resources, such as diagnostic instruments, games, exercises, case studies, simulations, practice sessions, role plays, and videos.  Whenever appropriate, opportunities are provided for participants to include their own specific business problems and issues into course dialogue.  Participants learn from their peers as well as the facilitator as they discuss real-world business concerns.

Cost Effective – Compared to similar training organizations, you will realize substantial savings when you choose TrainersDirect as your on-site training partner. And when compared to sending staff to a public seminar the savings are even greater! As an example, the 3-day Management Skills for New Managers seminar offered by the American Management Association is $2,545 per person. Sending 6 people per year to this seminar would cost you more than $15,000, plus costs associated with travel and time away from the office.

Our 3-day Management Skills for New Managers seminar, conducted onsite for up to 20 participants, costs only $9,850*, and includes course materials and the trainers travel and living expenses.

*Your cost includes a training manual for each participant and the course leaders travel and expenses. If there are course materials, other than the manual, needed for the class there will be an additional expense. As an example, some seminars use instruments like MBTI or DiSC.

3 day seminar: $9,850

2 day seminar: $7,850

1 day seminar: $4,850

We have 1,2 or 3 day variations of several of our seminars.