“Our training is not our service,
it’s the value we provide to you.”

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“Our training is not our service,
it’s the value we provide to you.”

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We will work with you to gather information critical to your learning success.

Tailored Training Solutions for Corporate Groups

For more than 20 years, TrainersDirect has developed tailored training solutions focused on the unique needs of our clients. Training that has helped them develop skills, improve performance, embrace change and succeed in an ever-changing workplace. We created learning solutions for them that seamlessly transferred from the classroom to the workplace. Let us do the same for you!

When you partner with TrainersDirect we’ll match you with a training specialist who will work with you from the initial conception through completion of your training event. And we’ll identify a world-class trainer who will work with you to tailor content and deliver a program specific to your needs. Following the delivery of your program we will provide you with participant evaluations and recommendations for leveraging future success.