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Our training process is tested and simple:

  • Define Your Training Needs. We’ll start by working with your course leader (a highly qualified trainer) to gather information and gain insight about your organization.
  • Design Your Program. We’ll use this information to tailor an outline for your training. It will be a practical, comprehensive course that focuses on the skills most important to you. When we’re done, you’ll have the opportunity to review and approve the final outline.
  • Deliver Your Course. The training will be presented at your location – or an off-site location of your choosing – on a convenient date. We’ll use various techniques (critique, small group exercises, assessment instruments etc.) to reinforce the skills we teach.
  • Evaluate The Results. After the training is complete we’ll compile the course evaluations and return them to you and, if needed, make recommendations for ongoing development.
“The topic was negotiation. In practice the sessions turned into much more and included elements of personal and business coaching, observation and motivational speaking.The response from the group was unanimously positive. A lot of ground was covered and a lot digested…”
Windward & Leeward Brewery
“What drew us to TrainersDirect was the quality of their people along with their no-nonsense approach to training our personnel”. “We are very, very pleased with how the trainers have stepped into their roles. I feel that they have done exactly what we expected and anticipated they would do.”
Pepsi Bottling Group
“Best training class I have ever attended in my professional career. The excellence of the course was in large part due to the instructor’s knowledge and professionalism. In addition, the instructor presented the class in an entertaining manner which helped with some of the dryer areas of the curriculum. Great Job! His experience in Project Management is incredible. I will recommend this course to all my peers.”
AIM Funds

Essentials for Team Success

2-day onsite training workshop for up to 20 participants.

This interactive, two-day program gives participants a strong working knowledge of personality profiles and thinking patterns that affect the dynamics of a team’s problem-solving abilities. Engaging and interactive, this learning experience will help you discover ways to work together more effectively, utilize certain styles to achieve desired outcomes and create your very own “dream team”.

You will understand your own behavior patterns and how best you can contribute the overall success of the team.  You’ll find out why you communicate, learn, make decisions and organize your lives differently.  You’ll apply your new insights to communicate more effectively, minimize conflict, and work together much more effectively.

This workshop employs team exercises and professionally facilitated discussions to help your team discover common roadblocks and how they can easily be avoided.  The result is improved team decision-making skills, role clarity, enhanced team effectiveness and long term productivity.

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Executive Team Building

3-day onsite training workshop for up to 20 participants.

This seminar covers the essentials of team building for the executive team to be a success. Learn how to develop the skills necessary to become both a successful team member and an interactive team leader — and discover innovative ways to make your executive team more productive! This practical and useful course is designed for participants to learn the knowledge and skills required to build productive teams. There is special emphasis placed on the differences between the executive teams and teams at other levels in the organization. The team building model used in this seminar focuses on successful team components and the skills necessary to function effectively as a team. Participants will learn the concrete steps to implement teams in their organization. Participants will actually go through the experience of building and functioning in their own teams during this seminar. By the conclusion of the seminar, the participants will complete a plan to implement teams in their organization.

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Managing Virtual & Remote Teams

Leading from a Distance

2-day onsite training workshop for up to 20 participants.

Today’s workplace is changing. Organizational expansion along with cost containment have created new challenges and pressures on managers who must manage people from a distance. The goal of this session is to give managers the tools and techniques to help them be more effective as distance leaders.

Participants will learn to

  • Motivate individuals and teams from afar
  • Coach employees using various means and media
  • Build a team comprised of employees at different locations
  • Communicate effectively with those they do not see face-to-face
  • Manage employees’ performance from a distance
  • Develop rapport and trust with members of virtual teams

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