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Our training process is tested and simple:

  • Define Your Training Needs. We’ll start by working with your course leader (a highly qualified trainer) to gather information and gain insight about your organization.
  • Design Your Program. We’ll use this information to tailor an outline for your training. It will be a practical, comprehensive course that focuses on the skills most important to you. When we’re done, you’ll have the opportunity to review and approve the final outline.
  • Deliver Your Course. The training will be presented at your location – or an off-site location of your choosing – on a convenient date. We’ll use various techniques (critique, small group exercises, assessment instruments etc.) to reinforce the skills we teach.
  • Evaluate The Results. After the training is complete we’ll compile the course evaluations and return them to you and, if needed, make recommendations for ongoing development.
“The topic was negotiation. In practice the sessions turned into much more and included elements of personal and business coaching, observation and motivational speaking.The response from the group was unanimously positive. A lot of ground was covered and a lot digested…”
Windward & Leeward Brewery
“What drew us to TrainersDirect was the quality of their people along with their no-nonsense approach to training our personnel”. “We are very, very pleased with how the trainers have stepped into their roles. I feel that they have done exactly what we expected and anticipated they would do.”
Pepsi Bottling Group
“Best training class I have ever attended in my professional career. The excellence of the course was in large part due to the instructor’s knowledge and professionalism. In addition, the instructor presented the class in an entertaining manner which helped with some of the dryer areas of the curriculum. Great Job! His experience in Project Management is incredible. I will recommend this course to all my peers.”
AIM Funds

Fundamentals of Product Management

2-day onsite training workshop for up to 20 participants.

Do you need to learn about the tools, techniques, and best practice approaches to managing products. This beginning-to-end approach used in this course helps you understand how products are invented, developed, launched, and managed throughout their life cycles. This complete perspective on all phases of the product’s life equips you with the skills to focus your work, team with others more effectively, and become more productive and competitive.

You are introduced to the disciplines of product planning, product development, the product launch, product life cycle management, and product portfolio management. It reinforces the need to link corporate strategies with customer/market information and product capabilities. Supporting this extremely thorough introductory course is an explanation of product management roles and activities. Through a series of “skill building” exercises and interactions, we equip the participant with key tools and skills, including market research, financial techniques, and cross-functional team building.

Primary course elements include:

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Facilitated Product Management

Best-in-Class Methods & Practices

3-day onsite training workshop for up to 20 participants.

One of the most complex areas of product development and management is brought into focus in this intensive three-day facilitated workshop. Our holistic framework for product management sets the stage for this program. Utilizing a unique workbook with more than 75 pages of tools, templates, and guidelines, our product management life cycle model is brought to life in this highly interactive program. The course is punctuated by a series of progressive, interactive individual and team-based exercises that reinforce the key learning revealed within the body of the instructional material.

The goal of this program is to align leaders and members of cross-functional teams around the process of developing, launching, and managing products & services, through the understanding of best-in-class methods and practices for product management.

This class is designed for corporations that wish to bring about sustained improvement in their product management organizations by fostering an understanding of roles and responsibilities within the context of interpreting and applying a flexible product development and management process. Emphasizing communication and teamwork, this workshop demonstrates the kinds of work which need to be performed, when, and by whom, while reinforcing the primary work structure; the cross-functional team. Two instructors who have the depth and breadth of experience of having performed and managed each and every product management function facilitate the workshop. You’re assured of a uniquely durable professional development experience.

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Successful Product Development

2-day onsite training workshop for up to 20 participants.

What’s your next new product? How do you link your company’s strategies with the new products needed to propel the company to improved profitability and value? And once you’ve defined those products, how do you get them developed and launched on time and within budget?

This two-day course teaches you techniques to assess new product ideas, determine feasibility, and to define those products. Leveraging the undercurrents of market and customer needs, you are taught the importance of creating superior, differentiated products and services, with true value for the right audience. Then, through learning how to assess and prioritize those needs according to economic measures and within the constructs of the corporate strategy, you’ll see how to improve the probability of success for those products.

Our approach to product planning, development, and introduction uses a contemporary methodology that applies best practices in the areas of market and competitive assessments, organizational capabilities, the dynamics of the team, project management, etc. This product planning approach puts all the individual pieces together in a cohesive master product plan, business case, and financial forecast.

As the product evolves, this course explains best-in-class principles, processes, and tools for effectively developing and launching new products and services. It describes the characteristics and challenges for each phase and teaches a methodology for managing inputs, activities, and outputs that lead to critical decision points as development is completed and the product is readied for launch.

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Managing the Product Life-Cycle

2-day onsite training workshop for up to 20 participants.

Product life cycle management refers to the strategies and tactics of treating the product like a mini-business after the product is launched. In vigorously competitive markets, characterized by compressed product life spans, emerging categories, and brand diffusion, you need to understand how to assess the performance of your product or service within the context of the master product plan. In this course, you’ll learn to monitor the marketplace, the competition, and to analyze the financial health of your product or service. Attention is paid to product capabilities, pricing, supply chain, channel effectiveness, and promotional tactics. You’ll learn that information is a major asset to leverage as attention turns to customer satisfaction, product usage, and buying behavior in targeted segments.

Through the explanation of the characteristics and behaviors of products and services, you’ll learn important strategies and imperatives for managing each stage of the life cycle, namely growth, maturity, and decline. You’ll even learn how to engineer a graceful market exit. Using the product life cycle model to depict unit sales, revenue, profitability, and cash flow, you’ll learn the analytical techniques, which show you how to interpret business performance so that the appropriate strategies can be determined, applied, and monitored. This class illustrates how marketing strategies, which are timely and highly integrated with life cycle activities promote greater levels of marketplace agility.

The course shows, in a very real sense, how integral the roles of product managers and product teams are throughout the life cycles of products and services. This highly interactive class uses a combination of lecture, interactive discussions, and in-class exercise. When you complete this class, you’ll have a clear understanding of the things you need to do to optimize the performance of your products and services to sustain your competitive advantage.

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