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Our training process is tested and simple:

  • Define Your Training Needs. We’ll start by working with your course leader (a highly qualified trainer) to gather information and gain insight about your organization.
  • Design Your Program. We’ll use this information to tailor an outline for your training. It will be a practical, comprehensive course that focuses on the skills most important to you. When we’re done, you’ll have the opportunity to review and approve the final outline.
  • Deliver Your Course. The training will be presented at your location – or an off-site location of your choosing – on a convenient date. We’ll use various techniques (critique, small group exercises, assessment instruments etc.) to reinforce the skills we teach.
  • Evaluate The Results. After the training is complete we’ll compile the course evaluations and return them to you and, if needed, make recommendations for ongoing development.
“The topic was negotiation. In practice the sessions turned into much more and included elements of personal and business coaching, observation and motivational speaking.The response from the group was unanimously positive. A lot of ground was covered and a lot digested…”
Windward & Leeward Brewery
“What drew us to TrainersDirect was the quality of their people along with their no-nonsense approach to training our personnel”. “We are very, very pleased with how the trainers have stepped into their roles. I feel that they have done exactly what we expected and anticipated they would do.”
Pepsi Bottling Group
“Best training class I have ever attended in my professional career. The excellence of the course was in large part due to the instructor’s knowledge and professionalism. In addition, the instructor presented the class in an entertaining manner which helped with some of the dryer areas of the curriculum. Great Job! His experience in Project Management is incredible. I will recommend this course to all my peers.”
AIM Funds

Delivering Powerful Presentations

An Executive Development Course

3-day onsite training workshop for up to 12 participants.

Together with your fellow participants you will practice the techniques needed to get past the stress and fear, analyze your audience, handle questions, speak with clarity and confidence, master visual aids, deal with interruptions, and deliver impromptu presentations.

Each participant will leave with a videotape of all presentations they make during the seminar.

Course Outline:

1. Fundamentals of Effective Speaking Skills

  • Professional Benefits of Effective Speaking Skills
  • Types of Presentations
  • What Makes a Good Presentation?

2. Preparation

  • A Timetable for Preparation
  • General and Specific Purposes of Presentations
  • Audience Analysis and Adaptation
  • Gathering Proof, Evidence, and Support
  • Structuring a Presentation

3. Speaking Skills

  • Selecting and Using Media
  • Language Usage
  • Presenting – Developing Your Own Style
  • Dealing with Speech Anxiety

4. Essentials for Winning Presentations and Speeches

  • Capturing Your Audience’s Attention
  • Informative Presentations
  • Persuasive Presentations
  • Motivational Presentations
  • Speaking at Special Events
  • Responding to Questions and Challenges

5. Testing-One-Two-Three

  • Practice
  • Opportunity to Develop and Present An Excellent Presentation

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Aligning Change with Strategic Initiatives

1-day onsite training workshop for up to 20 participants.

This course is taught using a combination of lecture, group exercises and instructor feedback (primarily exercise wrap-up). The course objectives are met by participants demonstrating mastery of the skills through class discussions and exercise development.  

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Fundamentals of Business Analysis

3-day onsite training workshop for up to 20 participants.

Training Investment: Compare and SAVE!

What you will cover:

  • Role of the Business Analyst Before, During, and After Projects
  • Needs of the Business During Enterprise Analysis
  • The Process of Planning, Developing, and Managing Solution Requirements
  • Develop and Validate Requirements for the Project
  •  Assess and Validate Solutions

Module 1

·         What is a Business Analyst (BA)

  • Allocate BA Activities
  • How do the Project Manager and Business Analyst Roles Compare
  • Indentify the Skills Necessary to be an Effective Business Analyst

Module 2

  • Building a Business Case
  • Recognize Business Architectures
  • Establishing guidelines for Project Size and Scale
  • Evaluate the Preliminary Proposed Product Scope
  • Identifying the Key Stakeholders
  • Getting Buy-In from Strategic Business Partners
  • Select and Prioritize Deliverables

Module 3

  • Identifying Key Requirements and Their Importance
  • Evaluate Your Requirements Process
  • Risk Management Approach
  • Managing Changes in your Requirements
  • Choosing Activities to Support the Project Requirements Planning Phase

Module 4

  • Understand Requirement Process Iteration
  • Effective Requirements Elicitation Techniques
  • Analyze Functional and Nonfunctional Requirements
  • Recognize Requirements Constraints and Assumptions
  • Recognize Requirements Attributes
  • Use Data Behavior, Process/Flow, and Usage Modeling Techniques
  • Choosing Deliverables to Support the Requirements Elicitation and Analysis
  • Selecting Formats for Business and Requirements Documents

Module 5

  • Validate Traceable Requirements
  • Verify Well-Formed Requirements
  • Package Requirements for Presentation
  • Present Requirements to Stakeholders
  • Manage Requirements Conflicts
  • Choosing Deliverables to Support the Requirements Documentation,
    Communication, and Validation Processes

Module 6

  • Verify the Solution & Ensure Usability
  • Support Solution Implementation & Training
  • Post-Implementation Assessment of the Solution
  • Choose Deliverables That Support the Project and Post-Project Solution Assessment, Validation and Support

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